Kenya is still a kingdom of wildlife and full of pastorsal scenes
Mister GUO Ce, Economic & Commercial Counselor from the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, January 2016

A rich natural and cultural heritage

A promising sector

Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors in Kenya. Both the number of international and domestic tourists increased in 2017. Precisely, while the number of international tourists increased by 20% (and reached 1.4 million international arrivals), the number of domestic tourists increased by 16% (meaning that 4 million bed nights were taken up by Kenyans). The main markets for Kenyan tourism are the US, the UK, India, China, Germany, Italy and South Africa.

Since Kenya’s purchasing power is still largely unexploited, outstanding performances are likely to be replicated in the upcoming years, hence the availability of great investment opportunities.

To attract investors in the tourism sector, the government has put in place a set of non-fiscal and fiscal incentives.

The Brand Kenya Initiative

With the aim of developing the tourist and business visitor industries, the Government of Kenya, created and developed a nation branding through the Brand Kenya Board.
The specific National Tourism marketing strategy is under the responsibility of the Kenya Tourism Board.

Target sectors

There are specific opportunities in the following sectors:

Development of Resort Cities Construction of International Hotels Development of Conference Facilities Construction of Golf Cities
As part of the LAPSSET transport corridor project, the government has targeted the development of new resort cities. The government also plans to develop new tourist circuits. With the strong increase in the number of tourists, the demand for accommodations satisfying international standards is expected to grow substantially.. Given its position as an African commercial and transport hub, Kenya is a major player for conference tourism.
It is estimated that conference participants spend an average of US$ 400 per stay.
Kenya’s proper lands and fine weather provide perfect opportunities for the development of golf facilities.