A national priority

With the Presidential objective of constructing 500,000 new affordable homes by 2022, the growth of the building sector will remain strong over the coming years. With the aim of closing Kenya’s “infrastructure deficit”, a number of infrastructure projects (public-private partnerships and/or contracting opportunities) are in the pipeline.

To attract investors in the construction and infrastructure sectors, the government has put in place a set of non-fiscal and fiscal incentives.

Why Kenya for construction and infrastructure ?

The dynamism of the Kenyan economy makes investments in the construction and infrastructure sectors highly attractive. The following facts magnify incentives to invest:

Over the last past 15 years, GDP increased in Kenya by more than 440% (2016 versus 2001, current USD). Thanks to this growth miracle, Kenya is now the largest economy in East Africa. This robust and sustainable growth made Kenya the second most attractive FDI destination in Africa (World Bank, 2016 ranking). PwC ranked the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) as the most attractive African city for FDI (2015).
East African country in terms of Gross Domestic Product
Source : World Bank
500,000 affordable homes to be built by 2022 Robust demand for commercial and residential buildings, opportunities are reinforced by the rising middle-income class Largest market in East Africa for construction material Heavy government investment planned in infrastructures
Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services.

Household final consumption per capita (in USD)
Source : Kenya National Bureau of Statistics