Keninvest: a one-stop shop for investors

The Investment Promotion Act (2004) established the Kenya Investment Authority (Keninvest) with the purpose of promoting and facilitating investment.

The one stop center shop aims to reduce bureaucratic delays by notably assisting investors in obtaining the licenses necessary to invest and by providing other relevant assistance to facilitate investment.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and facilitate foreign investment in Kenya by advocating for a conducive investment climate, providing accurate information and offering quality services

Our core values

We put Investor First We treat each potential investor with Respect and Trust We subscribe to the highest level of Professionalism We are fully committed to Integrity We promote Innovation and Creativity

Issuance of Investment certificates

Kenya Investment Authority issues for free an investment certificate to firms investing more than $100,000.

The investment certificate offers investors some important benefits, notably the initial issuance, for a maximum period of 12 months after the issuance of the certificate, of all licenses that are required for his or her operations, except health, security (if the investor will be dealing with armoury, armoured vehicles) and environmental certificates. The investment certificate also allows members of the holder’s management or technical staff and fellow owners (or shareholders or partners) to get entry work permits.

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