Depending on the project, investors may have to get an environmental impact assessment licence and/or an effluent discharge licence.

Environmental impact assessment licence

The Environment, Management and Coordination Act (1999) is the framework law on the management of the environment and conservation.

Investors must carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for projects related to activities mentioned below. The EIA needs to be drawn by a NEMA-registered expert —listed on the NEMA website— and has to be submitted to NEMA. For reviewing the application, the public organisation charges 0.1% of the cost of the project.

Source: National Environmental Management Authority

A positive response is necessary to get an EIA licence. NEMA shall respond within six months after the submission of the EIA. Yet, it is worth mentioning, that, in practice, processing time usually does not exceed three months. Investors can appeal against the decision of the institution to the National Environment Tribunal.

Effluent discharge licence

Before starting her activity, any operator of an industrial undertaking and operators of sewage systems have to apply for and get an effluent discharge licence from NEMA.