Relatively well established infrastructures

Kenya has relatively well developed physical infrastructural facilities including a modern deep sea port at Mombasa capable of handling bulk and other containerized cargo, four international airports, an extensive road and railway network, an expanding, liberalized energy sector and digital telecommunication networks. 

The French business school INSEAD ranked Kenya as the sixth most “Internet-ready” country in Africa (2015).

Trade logistics

While performances in trade logistics remained constant in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past few years, Kenya has made considerable improvements since 2012.

As illustrated by the positive evolution of the World Bank Logistic Performance Index, these improvements are extremely well perceived by the business community.

The productivity of the agricultural sector in Kenya is the second highest productivity in continental East Africa. Kenya is the third largest tea exporter globally and the largest exporter of horticulture with East Africa. 70% of Kenyans exports have an agricultural focus and the sector employs 85% of the rural workforce.

Database source: World Bank

Logistic Performance Index: Kenya versus Sub-Saharan Africa

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