Quality of life

Nairobi: an attractive place

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi is, with an estimated metropolitan population of about 6.5 million people,  the largest city in East Africa.

A dynamic city

Nairobi was recently ranked  among most the top ten dynamic cities in the World (JLL 2017 City Momentum Index).

Nairobi metropolitan area is the driver of Kenya’s economy. Although Nairobi’s population accounts only for 13% of the total population, the capital city contributes to 60% of Kenya’s GDP. Such a dynamism attracts foreign companies. A number of multinationals companies have established their regional/African headquarters in Nairobi making Nairobi a regional hub for business.

A modern city

Nairobi is one of the fastest growing city in Africa. Thirteen skyscrapers were under construction in 2017.  By 2020, the construction of the tallest building in Africa (“The Pinnacle Tower”) should be completed.  

The “Safari Capital of the World”,

Nairobi is the only big city in the world bordering a game reserve. The Nairobi National Park is home of, among others, buffaloes, lions, giraffes, black rhinos, zebras.

Kenya: a country with a rich natural and cultural heritage

Kenya is a well-endowed nation with plenty of unbelievable places.

Cost of living

International ranking

Living in Kenya is, for expatriates, relatively inexpensive.

The 2018 Mercer Cost of Living Survey ranked Nairobi as the 123th most expensive city in the World.

Rank City
7 Shanghai (China)
9 Beijing (China)
12 Shenzhen (China)
15 Guangzhou (China)
25 Nanjing (China)
29 Tianjin (China)
31 Chengdu (China)
36 Qingdao (China)
38 Shenyang (China)
117 Jakarta (Indonesia)
123 Nairobi (Kenya)

Note: from the most expensive to the lowest expensive city.

Examples of nominal costs

Indicative rental costs are displayed below.

Price range (USD per month) Characteristics
Unfurnished expatriate house [900; 1,600] 3-bedroom with garden, in main commercial city. Western standards.
Furnished expatriate house [1,500; 3,000] 3-bedroom with garden, in main commercial city. Western standards

2014 prices: Source: IGuide Kenya. Prices are exclusive of service charge and tax.


Foreigners can easily find basic services necessary to enjoy the life in Kenya (child-care, international schools, medical care, housing, etc). A list of service providers is provided below.